Leveraging the Power of our People: Strengthening our Business through Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion differentiates us in the marketplace and contributes to a culture of inclusion in the workplace. It drives our ability to identify and develop the best talent, create an engaged and committed workforce and enhance Quality of Life for our clients, customers and the communities we serve. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion promotes growth within Sodexo and cultivates external partnerships.

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At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, grounded in our core values of team spirit and the spirit of service and progress. In our continued commitment to being an inclusive organization, we embrace, leverage and respect the diversity of our workforce, our clientele and the communities in which we live, work and serve.

Diversity at Sodexo
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts with President and CEO George Chavel, and Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer Rohini Anand. At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion is is critical to a winning business strategy, grounded in our core values of team spirit and the spirit of service and progress. In our continued commitment to being an inclusive organization, we embrace, leverage and respect the diversity of our workforce, our clientele and the communities in which we live, work and serve.

Quality of Life at Sodexo
Diversity and inclusion enhances Quality of Life for our employees, clients and communities. Due to our numerous diversity and inclusion efforts, we are consistently recognized as a best place to work for minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities and the LGBT community.

Supporting Clients
To thrive in a competitive environment, it is vital to tap into diverse perspectives and to create a culture of inclusion. From accomplished experts to industry-specific training, we provide the tools, techniques and programs to help our clients create and achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

Our Governance Structure
Our governance structure ensures the alignment of diversity and inclusion initiatives with our business goals, our principles and the future of Sodexo. The strategy, policy and direction of our governance structure is set by our leaders, but supported at all levels of our organization.

Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board Members

  • Diversity & Inclusion Business Advisory Board
    The Diversity & Inclusion Business Advisory Board (DIAB) is comprised of six highly qualified and committed leaders from outside the company who have specific areas of expertise representing diverse communities. Members act as both external ambassadors and internal advisors, providing input on company initiatives and representing Sodexo in the community.

    Eliza Byard
    Executive Director of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
    Cari Dominguez
    Former Chair of the US EEOC and current member of the Board of Directors, Manpower, Inc.

    Alexis Herman
    Former Secretary of the Department of Labor and Chairman and CEO, New Ventures, Inc.

    John Hofmeister
    (Chair) Founder and CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy

    John D. Kemp
    President and CEO of Abilities!

    Thomas S. Williamson Jr.
    Partner, Covington & Burling and Board Member, National Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs

    Through the support and leadership of the DIAB, we are committed to maintaining our focus on advancing diversity and inclusion, and expanding the representation of women and minorities in our workforce.

Diversity Leadership Council

  • The Diversity Leadership Council sets the strategy and direction. At the local level, nine Employee Business Resource Groups and diversity councils within each market segment bring the strategy to life.

Employee Business Resource Groups

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    Organized by fellow employees around a sense of shared interests and experiences, or a common dimension of diversity, Sodexo's Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) provide networking, professional development and learning opportunities; visibility and access to senior leadership; opportunities to impact business results, community involvement; resources and support systems.

  • African American Leadership Forum (AALF)

    AALF strives to serve as a champion to support the culture of diversity within Sodexo by promoting efforts that increase the value of the career journey for our constituents. AALF creates and maintains an inclusive connection amongst members and contributes to a raised awareness of the particular needs and experiences of African Americans. 

    Learn about the AALF Resource Group and their connection to Sodexo’s mission and values, our employees, and our partnerships.


  • Honoring Our Nation's finest with Opportunity and Respect (HONOR)

    The mission of the Military Resource Group is to provide support, guidance and resources to employees and families connected to the military. HONOR accomplishes this by offering development opportunities, providing a forum to recognize and celebrate contributions made to our country, and establishing partnerships with community groups that support veterans, active duty, National Guard and military reserve.

    Learn how our HONOR Resource Group works with Sodexo’s Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) to recruit high caliber talent and supports our veterans’ careers.


  • Intergenerational Network Group (i-Gen)

    i-Gen’s goal is to leverage multi-generational differences and commonalities for personal and professional growth in order to attract and retain talent that enhances Sodexo's strength of diversity and inclusion in the marketplace.

    Understanding and respecting multi-generational differences and commonalities, results in a more positive workplace and a more productive workforce. 


  • Native American and Aboriginal Council (NAAC)

    To create a welcoming environment for native peoples in North America through a deeper understanding of their heritages and values. In these communities and in our membership, we are committed to the development of individuals through education, recruitment, and retention efforts and the development of partnerships through community services and mutual business opportunities.

  • Pan-Asian Employee Network Group (PANG)

    PANG is committed to increasing the awareness of Pan Asian cultures, thereby contributing to the success of the company. By fostering a corporate environment that embraces and values the cultural diversity of its employees, we can enhance the individual and professional growth of Pan Asians.

    PANG inspires employees to be motivated and productive as Sodexo appreciates the culture and values of others.


  • People Respecting Individuality, Diversity and Equality (PRIDE)

    PRIDE believes that strategically aligning the organizational structure to embrace all diversity, inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and all employees, adds greater value to Sodexo, to the communities it serves, and to its membership. Sodexo encourages our employees to bring their whole self to work in a safe environment. 


  • Sodexo Organization for disAbilities Resources (SOAR)

    SOAR seeks to raise awareness, provide education and resources, and proactively create a culture that embraces, values and fully utilizes persons with disabilities. SOAR supports seeing the abilities in employees in a people first environment.

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  • Sodexo Organization of Latinos (SOL)

    The mission of SOL is to support Sodexo’s diversity strategy by enhancing the Quality of Life at Sodexo for Latinos, facilitating interaction and communication among our members and with community organizations, and by promoting external awareness of Sodexo in Latino communities.

    Through SOL, Sodexo supports individuals’ professional development, while supporting our changing demographics.


  • Women’s Network Group (WiNG)

    WiNG seeks to foster a culture where enhancing women's individual and professional growth contributes to the global success of our company and the communities we serve. The development, promotion and retention of Sodexo’s talented women are key.


Cross Market Diversity Council (CMDC)

  • CMDC Logo.jpg The Cross-Market Diversity Council (CMDC) is comprised of managers and leaders who want to foster a more diverse and inclusive Sodexo. The objections of this group is to collaborate and operationalize the diversity plan within each business line; serve as thought leaders to advance the diversity & inclusion strategy; implement diversity & inclusion at a regional level and align with our Employee Business Resource Groups.