Quality of Life Services - helping students succeed

Quality of Life in education means an environment where students of all ages take pride in achieving academic honors, completing homework, essays or their dissertations, and excelling in sports and activities. Quality of Life means a community where students, faculty and staff readily share ideas, enjoy learning and have a sense of belonging. It means healthier and more satisfying meals – meals that provide students the energy they need during class, sporting activities and all the busy happenings of the day. Quality of Life involves a partner with a strong commitment to the community through sustainable, forward-thinking innovations.

From preschool through post-grad, in public schools and independent schools, and on campuses of every kind, Sodexo creates clean, safe living and learning environments that inspire and drive success.

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Student well-being – the core of education

Our mission is to be a leader in supporting student engagement and improving Quality of Life for the entire school community. By focusing on Quality of Life Services, we reinforce the overall experience of a student’s educational journey, which helps to ensure their success.

Sodexo partners with school districts by:


  • Being a leader in creating and implementing services to align with our partners’ missions, such as enhancing student achievement and the learning environment, increasing teacher recruitment and retention, and maximizing student attendance.

  • Always focusing on student health and wellness with products, programs and services that focus on total student well-being.

  • Offering expertise in all areas of student well-being to ensure a more balanced, fulfilling life for students.

Case study: Detroit Public Schools

Sodexo partnered with one of the largest urban school districts in North America, the Detroit Public Schools system, to reinvigorate the educational environment and support local business wherever possible, to increase attendance, improve grades and test scores, and to create a safe, clean, energetic and positive learning environment. The results: 800 new jobs created, 74% of contracts awarded to Detroit-based businesses and 100% of supplies and consumable products sourced from local vendors. Detroit Public Schools will also save $75 million in custodial, building repair, maintenance, engineering and grounds services, and produce $147,000 annually in rental income.

An atmosphere that invites learning

For an educational environment to support learning, it must first be physically and emotionally comfortable. It must be attractive, likable and conducive to communication. Comfortable environments enhance the lives and learning abilities of all students, as well as the focus and dedication of faculty and staff.

Case study: Adlai E. Stevenson High School

Sodexo partnered with Adlai E. Stevenson High School, an award-winning school located in Lincolnshire, Illinois, to manage more than 70 acres of land and a million square feet of indoor space. Adlai E. Stevenson was provided exceptional custodial and green cleaning services, food services, HVAC services, and reception and event services. They were also introduced to the National Nutrition Program and the Green Cleaning program. In the words of Dr. Eric Twadell, Superintendent: “Sodexo does a lot of things for Stevenson to really help improve the quality of life, but I think more than anything the relationship we have with Sodexo really allows us as educators to do the work we know how to do.”

Nourishing meals – because the student body is at the center of education

The most effective education environments are those that nourish the body alongside the mind, recognizing that one cannot grow without the other. Academic success relies on meals that are fresh, nutritious, tasty and customized to the diverse needs and desires of the student body. We employ more registered dietitians than any other private company in America and use this deep expertise to provide meal options that keep students healthy, focused and energetic.

Case study: Okaloosa County School District

Sodexo partnered with Okaloosa County School District in Fort Walton Beach, Florida to streamline food service, train staff, improve quality and increase student and parent satisfaction. Rodney Nobles, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, had this to say about partnering with us: “Before Sodexo, we were basically going a million in the hole each and every year. I would receive numerous parent calls, complaints about everything from food that was not prepared properly to cost of the food. Numerous issues were always coming up, and it tied up a lot of our time... I can honestly say that in the last three years I haven’t received a parent phone call, not one. I haven’t received one complaint from one employee. Our inventories are taken care of in a proper way. It’s just been a great experience.”

Nutrition for life – meals that taste good, and are good

Providing students with healthy meals is just the beginning; schools must also provide them with the skills to make their own healthy decisions. To this end, we provide an array of hands-on, inspirational and educational programs that encourage students to make smarter lifestyle and dietary decisions.

Case study: Santa Rosa County School District

Sodexo’s partnership with Santa Rosa County School District in Milton, Florida is an excellent example of the value Sodexo places on integrating itself into the community and promoting healthier lifestyles for students and families. Jud Crane, Director of Purchasing and Contract Administration at Santa Rosa Public Schools, had this to say: “We have a registered dietician that holds cooking and nutritional classes at night, teaching our parents about good nutrition and how to prepare meals for the students.” Sodexo’s commitment to Santa Rosa County is holistic: to the school, and to the community as a whole.