From the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic and from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic, Sodexo provides Quality of Life Services that support clients’ remote-based operations for both onshore and offshore environments.

Our clients share unique needs and concerns for the comfort, safety and well-being of their remote employees and facilities. To employees at offshore drilling rigs, platforms and vessels, or onshore oil & gas, mining or construction projects, Quality of Life means safe, comfortable and healthy environments in which to live and work. To employers, it means higher retention of key people, better Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) performance and improved productivity.

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Living and working offshore

Workers on offshore oil rigs and platforms not only work there but also live there during extended work rotations. Our job is to make their time away from home as comfortable as possible. We serve thousands of men and women on offshore installations across the Gulf of Mexico and on production platforms from Southern California to the East Coast of Canada.

Sodexo employees are our ambassadors and experts in delivering Quality of Life Services for clients’ employees and facilities. People are the heart of our service business, and the women and men of Sodexo are clearly our most important asset. We seek to attract, retain and reward people with a passion for hospitality, safety and teamwork.

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Offshore supply chain

Providing great tasting meals for hungry workers is a function of having access to high quality food products - delivered on time, in good condition at competitive prices. Our in-house supply chain, warehouse and logistics department supports both our own catering operations and provides supplies for third parties who may not require our full catering services.

Offshore mobilization

Sodexo can assist clients during the mobilization of drilling rigs and production platforms to and from North America. With a robust global presence spanning 80 countries, we can service your offshore units at any location and during any stage through our local expertise. We can follow your offshore fleet across the globe, from its construction in Asian shipyards in Singapore, to Johannesburg, West Africa or Brazil. We support clients’ offshore crews with foodservice, housekeeping, laundry and light maintenance both when vessels are in the shipyard and in transit to their new area of operation.

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ISO certification

Sodexo is the only offshore catering company in the Gulf of Mexico to have achieved ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2008 certification of its quality management system for the provision of labor, laundry, equipment, food and supplies.